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Purse making supplies, materials used in Handbag making include Purse Handles, Magnetic Snaps, Purse Frames, Purse making patterns, and other Handbag Hardware.. Making and selling handbags can be a very lucrative and rewarding business. Purse Making / handbag making is a hobby which has become very popular.

Purse Frames (50 )

Cost: $$43.05 for 50 pcs
Iron Purse Frames, Bag Handle, Antique Bronze


Cost 15.28 500 pcs
Iron Linking Rings, D Clasps, Platinum,

Swivel Clasps (100)

Cost $5.43 for 100 pcs
Swivel clasps for purse and Handbag making.

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Handbag Twist Turn Lock

Cost $1.79
Category:Purse Making Supplies

Unfinished Wood Handles

Cost $2.95
Category:Purse Making Supplies

Bamboo Purse Handles

Cost $2.98
Category: Purse Making Supplies

18 MM Black Magnetic Snap

Cost $0.79
Category:Purse Making Supplies

African Print Fabric

Cost $7.95
Category: Sewing Supplies

Cotton Independence Day Fabric

Cost $5.95
Category: Sewing Supplies

Cotton Multi- color Fabric

Cost $5.95
Category: Sewing Supplies

Music Instruments Print Fabric

Cost $5.95
Category: Sewing Supplies

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