Crocheting Grocery Bags Into Handbags

Making and selling handbags can be a very lucrative and rewarding business. Purse Making / handbag making is a hobby which has become very popular. Just look at upscale department stores, huge discount chains, small boutiques and of course the Internet to see that handbags are big business right now.
Featured Purse Making Tutorial

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How to install Handbag Feet

purse-feet-largegoldHandbag feet help to protect the bottom of the bag and adds a more professional look to the bag. To install handbag feet you must first create a handbag bottom. Use a piece of plastic canvas grid to add to the stability of the bottom of the bag.

Materials Needed:

1. Set of handbag feet (4)
2. Washers (optional)

Step 1

Measure in about 3/4″ at each corner of the bottom of the bag and cut a small slit the size of the width of the prongs (Figure 1)


(Figure 1)

Step 2

Insert the prongs of the handbag feet into the bottom of bag at each corner.

bag_feet1 (Figure 2)

Step 3

Push the handbag prongs through the fabric and canvas bottom for a secure fit.


(Figure 3)

Step 4

Bend feet outward and down as shown in or inward if you prefer. (Figure 4)


(Figure 4)

Step 5

Repeat until all the feet are in place. Figure 5)


(Figure 5)