How to install Handbag Feet

purse-feet-largegoldHandbag feet help to protect the bottom of the bag and adds a more professional look to the bag. To install handbag feet you must first create a handbag bottom. Use a piece of plastic canvas grid to add to the stability of the bottom of the bag.

Materials Needed:

1. Set of handbag feet (4)
2. Washers (optional)

Step 1

Measure in about 3/4″ at each corner of the bottom of the bag and cut a small slit the size of the width of the prongs (Figure 1)


(Figure 1)

Step 2

Insert the prongs of the handbag feet into the bottom of bag at each corner.

bag_feet1 (Figure 2)

Step 3

Push the handbag prongs through the fabric and canvas bottom for a secure fit.


(Figure 3)

Step 4

Bend feet outward and down as shown in or inward if you prefer. (Figure 4)


(Figure 4)

Step 5

Repeat until all the feet are in place. Figure 5)


(Figure 5)

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