Purse Making Supplies and Craft Supplies Vendors Wanted !

Rnllee.com a popular well established purse making and craft supplies website is looking for craft supply vendors to open a free no risk store in our marketplace at http://www.eperdazzle.com.!

Our website http://www.rnllee.com has been in operation since 2004 selling purse making and craft supplies and has experienced much success!

The fact that our website rnllee.com ranks high within the first 1-3 pages on the top major search engines for purse making supplies and other keywords contributes to massive traffic to our website and our success and soon to be your success!..

We not only bring to the table our high rankings and connections throughout the Internet which will drive traffic to your store on our network, but we also bring our experience.

Potential customers will discover your products without you needing to do a lot of expensive marketing., and as a new vendor in a newly formed marketplace you will have very little competition. 

Pictured below rnllee.com as it appears on the Google results list for the keyword purse making supplies. It normally appears on the first or second page of Google. googletab

Click here to see our recent Google ranking

Our website rnllee.com is also ranked #1 & 2 spot, for the most popular top 20 sites selling purse making supplies on the Internet for 2014 see picture below!.


Rnllee.com is also well connected throughout the Internet with other crafting, sewing and purse making sites linking to us. And after years of being in business we have an extensive mailing list of potential customers looking for your products – craft supplies.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, there is no upfront fees , no monthly fees or listing fees required just one rate per sale of $0.04% that’s only 4 cents per dollar per sale !

Create you own identity, when you open a free no risk online store in our marketplace each store offers the ability to customize the look and feel of the store quickly and easily!

You will need a Pay Pal account and you are required to pay any transaction fees Pay Pal charges for accepting online payments.

To begin selling in our marketplace click here



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