Empowering Nonprofit Organizations
and Church Ministries...

To Rise up to New Levels, and Lead with Excellence Every Day” by removing the obstacles that can hinder progress, such as lack of affordable “Administrative Assistance”…And Resources

Managing a Nonprofit Faith Based Organization  or Ministry can be exciting and rewarding! But, It can also be very challenging and you can waste a lot of value time and money, if you are not sure what you are doing!

How We Can Help:

How do you like the idea of having someone who has the right amount of experience, a good attitude, and a strong commitment to see you succeed?

Hello, I’m Lenora, a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to your success. My background includes serving as a Community Outreach Event Coordinator for local nonprofits, organizing notable events such as The JRock Community Day Festival, The Learning Annex Program, and Start Your Business Workshops, all hosted by respected organizations like The Salvation Army and the local Library. My passion lies in empowering low and moderate-income women through entrepreneurship education.

In addition to my event coordination expertise, I bring a diverse skill set, including Women’s Ministry leadership , Church Communications in print and video media, Small Business Accounting, Tax Preparation, Internet Entrepreneurship, Website Setup and Management.

I have a team of experienced professionals who share my passion for assisting nonprofit organizations and churches. Our focus is on helping you shift your attention away from administrative tasks and toward your vision and mission. We recognize that nonprofits must not only save time but also manage resources efficiently. That’s what motivates us to  offer Virtual Administrative Services and D.I.Y Resources tailored to save you time and money.”

Our Services & Resources:

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We can plan your entire event, from Christmas Eve to Easter Egg hunt to volunteer appreciation meals.

We can design and update your church bulletin weekly to make sure the information you are communicating is accurate.

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